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We want to offer you several custom courses that will help you and your spouse create a better marriage.

Plus, these courses are broken down by topic – how great is that?

All you have to do is sign up for the topic of your choice, and then sit back and the information will be sent to you. You can read more about our other courses below. Each course includes around 6 lessons and you will receive a new lesson every other day in your inbox.

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More about each course:


A foundational belief of Simple Marriage is things are better when you keep it simple. But this goes beyond the idea of eliminating things and using common sense to make decisions. Simplicity is more about the art of focusing on the important AND eliminating the clutter. This series covers all of this and will offer some great reminders about what life is really all about.

The Nice Guy/Girl Series

Nice Guys/Girls are everywhere. I know you’ve met them, perhaps you’re married to one – or maybe you are one. The Nice Guy/Girl are the people who believe if they do everything right and are “good” then they will have a problem free and smooth life. This series was a very popular one on Simple Marriage – now you can get it in your inbox.

You Can Not Not Communicate

This is one of the major things in marriage. Communication. You should get this course if you’re interested in learning about how communication can be used to create a better marriage. After all, you have to talk to each other some time – don’t ya?

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is one of the more popular topics here at Simple Marriage. Okay, it’s the most popular. While there are lots of posts on this on the blog, sign up for this course if your interested in the best ones I’ve written thus far. These are not “how-to’s”, I figure you already know the basics and what goes where. There are, however,  a couple of “how-not-to” lessons.  Overall, this course is more about the entirety of the subject, not just the act.

Sexual Desire Differences

Let’s say you’re the high desire partner when it comes to sex in your marriage. How do you handle having the bulk of the initiation burden on your shoulders? But what if you’re the low desire partner? How do you handle the fact that you actually control sex? This series of lessons cover how to handle the differences in desire in your marriage, and how to use these differences to create something better for both of you.

Family Life and Parenting

If you’ve had sex, and it’s led to the creation of a child, then you know that things have dramatically changed in your marriage. Perhaps you’ve done this several times and you have many children running around. This is a course designed to help you simplify family life. Topics covered include: money, parenting, play and travel. The overall goal is to improve the marriage, but the family still benefits.