Why are we asking YOU to be OUR Bed Buddy? 

Because we need YOUR help to strengthen marriage beds all over the WORLD! 

Through the miracle of technology, our not-so-little-anymore weekly podcast is reaching thousands of people all over the globe!  With 20,000+ downloads per week, we’re encouraging husbands and wives in their shameless pursuit of deeper levels of sexual and emotional intimacy. 

The way God seems to be using Sexy Marriage Radio is mind-boggling!

But the expenses involved in producing and marketing Sexy Marriage Radio over the past four years have also become a little mind-boggling.  In order to continue growing and having an even greater impact on more and more couples, we need a revenue stream. 

Our only options for revenue thus far have been (1) to invest our limited personal funds, and we’ve already done that to a great degree, and/or (2) begin charging a monthly subscription rate to access Sexy Marriage Radio podcasts. 

Quite frankly, we hate both ideas.

So our third idea – the one we think is a charm – is to keep Sexy Marriage Radio FREE to ALL, and simply ask those who can to sow a financial seed to help us cover costs like equipment, software, web support, marketing, travel, administrative assistance, etc., not to mention time invested each week in preparation, production, and promotion.

The Bed-Buddy Club

This is an opportunity for YOU to partner with us financially to spread the word that indeed, “The BEST SEX is happening IN the Marriage Bed!” 

If you share our belief that strengthening MARRIAGES will strengthen FAMILIES, and that strengthening FAMILIES will strengthen SOCIETY, here are three levels of support to consider:

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As our thanks, you’ll receive:

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What People Are Saying

  • I have listened to Sexy Marriage Radio for three and a half years. Every Wednesday there is a new episode that addresses issues from a perspective you can't find anywhere else. SMR has been there as my struggle with sex addiction almost destroyed my marriage. It has provided a picture of healthy sex and hope for what could be as I made healthy choices. If you want to learn what a marriage can be and why monogamous committed sex is by far the best sex anyone can experience, you need to listen to this show.
  • The most useful and engaging reflections about marriage on the Internet. Period.
  • I have tried a few different podcast to help understand and grow my bond with my husband. By far Sexy Marriage Radio is the best one! I feel like Dr. Corey and Shannon do a great job (in 30 minutes) of giving great thought provoking points. I have become a binge listener -- keep up the great work!
  • Well done folks. I discovered this podcast and shared it with my wife and all of my married friends. The best sex IS in the marriage bed. Amazing discussions. Extremely insightful, VERY real, and absolutely lit a fire in our marriage bed.