6 Marriage Myths Debunked


The only thing perfect about marriage is the airbrushed wedding photo. ~ Anonymous

Marriage, even the best of marriages, can take effort and work.

In fact, based on the research I conducted regarding the essential elements necessary for a marriage to thrive, commitment, trust, and respect were in the top five – and each of these require some work to make happen.

Many people still enter into marriage wearing rose-colored glasses.

We long for the Hollywoodization of relationships. Where everything goes smoothly and passionately and all our disagreements are resolved before the credits roll.

Marriage myths can undermine your relationship.

Rather than falling victim to these myths, take off the glasses and be honest with yourself and your spouse.

You don’t have to settle for less. In fact, you likely are reading this post (and Simple Marriage) because you’re interested making your marriage all it can be.

A great marriage is a long-term process — not an overnight miracle.

By uncovering and debunking these marriage myths you’ll see things more clearly in life and marriage.[Continue Reading...]

The art of non-sexual touch

If you are neanderthal or cro-magnon man reading this, your reaction may be “What? Me must procreate!”

If you are somewhat more enlightened you may be saying, “Yeah right, like there is such a thing.”

And if you’re a female, you may be saying, “It’s about time!”

We are all sexual beings.

It’s part of our design.

Sexuality plays a role in most everything we encounter. Our society has become more and more sexualized. But in a marriage, there’s more to life than sex. Did I really just say that out loud?

A major component of a fulfilling marriage is the connection you sustain with your partner.

However, many times this bid for connection can be met with skepticism. As if there is an ulterior motive with your wanting to touch your spouse.[Continue Reading...]

The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have

reflectDo a Google search of the word relationships and you’ll find about 178,000,000 articles, links and sites on the topic.

Interestingly though, you won’t find many links and articles on the most important relationship you’ll ever have – the one you have with yourself.

The relationship you have with yourself has a tremendous impact on your life.

Your self esteem, personal outlook, drive, and even mental health is largely shaped by this relationship.

Why is this the most important relationship you’ll ever have?

Your external world tends to be a reflection of your internal world.

So this relationship will ultimately determine how people see you. If you see yourself as below average, unsuccessful, or a failure, then you’ll exuded these qualities in your energy, and people in your life will see you exactly the same way, plus you’ll tend to attract circumstances and events to support this self image.

The same is also a true for a positive self image. Without a healthy self image, your personal development efforts will not be nearly as successful.

The parallel to our external relationships is equally important. More important than how you relate others is how you relate to yourself.[Continue Reading...]

An Alternative To Combat Distraction, Routine And Busyness

black-zen-stonesLife is full of distraction.

Everywhere you look something’s vying for your attention.

Take your kids to school, ride the train to work, log onto the Internet and you’ll see things aimed at taking your money, focus, and time.

One thing about a world full of attention clutter, our brain can become numb to it so we get to where we don’t even see it. But don’t kid yourself, there’s a drawback to this numbness.

It also means we don’t really experience the other things in our life.

Human nature seems to crave routine and structure. One way we can combat distraction is create a routine. This is what is being proposed when you read those “how to create flow” or “get in the zone” type posts. But again, there’s a drawback to routine.

Routine can become so, uh, routine that days can go by and we fail to realize we’re alive.

I’m continually amazed at how we live our lives day to day. It’s as if we’re in a race to create a full life. And we are, only, this full life often plays out in a full calendar, not necessarily a deep, meaningful life with others.[Continue Reading...]

Several Great Marriage Quotes

Came across some great quotes in the Simple Marriage Archives.

Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. ~ Robert Browning (1812 – 1889)

A man is seduced by what he sees, a woman by what she hears. ~ Anonymous

Smile at each other; smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other – it doesn’t matter who it is – and that will help you to grow up in greater love for each other. ~ Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

As the heart is warmed, so often too the body; as the spirit is loosed, so often and with laughter, the clothes fall away. ~ Anonymous

This is what marriage really means: helping one another to reach the full status of being persons, responsible and autonomous beings who do not run away from life. ~ Paul Tournier (1898-1986)