A Simple Marriage and Buck Naked Marriage Debut on Amazon

Over the past two years I’ve released a couple of books:

A Simple Marriage, a book/workbook designed to help you create a marriage fully alive and Buck Naked Marriage: Strip away the unnecessary and focus on the bare essentials.

To date the only way you could pick up a copy was here at Simple Marriage.

Today, you can now pick up either (or both) for Kindle on Amazon.

Plus, you can get them both for iPad, Nook, and PDF in the Simple Marriage Store.

A Simple Marriage was released in April 2009 and is a combination of a book and workbook that will walk you through the process of creating a great marriage.

How you ask?

It begins by focusing on yourself and then your marriage.

Strange, but it’s the best way I know to create something great.

Buck Naked Marriage debuted in November 2010 and covers the 10 essential elements necessary for a great marriage.

Buck Naked Marriage is based on some research I did with Simple Marriage readers, 1028 respondents in fact. Based on this research, 10 essential elements were discovered that are necessary for a marriage to thrive.

This book covers all 10, plus 5 more.

In honor of this occasion, prices are dramatically cut.

Now you can pick up a copy of A Simple Marriage for only $4.99

And you can get Buck Naked Marriage for only $2.99

—> http://bit.ly/zagKar

Here’s to all your marriage can become!

Strength and honor,


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